Internet Measurement and Data Expert, Internet Society

Amreesh joined the Internet Society in April 2021 as Internet Measurement and Data Expert. He earned his M.S. from Telecom Nancy, France and his Ph.D. from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He is focused on efforts around Internet measurements, Internet shutdowns, routing security and understanding market trends that impact the growth of the Internet across the globe. He designed and implemented the Internet Society’s Internet Resilience Index to help track the resilience level of countries globally. Prior to joining the Internet Society, he was a Research Manager at the African Network Information Center – AFRINIC, where he spearheaded the organization’s research activities in the areas of Internet security and measurements. He championed the deployment of various security frameworks namely RPKI and DNSSEC at AFRINIC. Amreesh is heavily involved in the academic community with multiple publications in top networking and security conferences. Besides, he serves as a TPC member at USENIX SECURITY, ACM IMC, PAM, and others. Amreesh is a former member of the GFCE Research Committee and currently sits on the National Cybersecurity Committee of Mauritius.