Consultant and trainer/owner, De Natris Consult

Wout de Natris started De Natris Consult in 2011 after six years in national and international cooperation on spam enforcement and cybercrime. Wout has experience as a spam investigator at OPTA, was chair and coordinator of several national and international cooperation bodies and provided training in spam investigations and spam law at the global level.

Currently Wout is an Internet governance expert. In 2020 he published a report on the (lack of) deployment of internet standards as program leader for an IGF pilot. This pilot followed a report on strengthening cooperation within the context of the IGF. Currently he is coordinator for the IGF Dynamic Coalition Internet Standards, Security and Safety. It has one main goal: for industry to deploy security related Internet standards and ICT best practices as a standard when manufacturing and/or developing their ICT (related) products, devices and services, making the world more secure and safer for all.

Over the past years Wout has worked as a consultant for, among others, several ministries, the UN/IGF secretariat, Microsoft, NL Govcert, Internet Society, eco e.V., SIDN. He has organised and moderated workshops on Internet governance for a host of organisations at the national and international level. Wout has published regularly on spam enforcement and international cooperation.

Wout co-owns and consults for digital security consultancy company MKB Cyber Advies Nederland (e.g. for SMEs and municipalities). Currently he consults in an awareness training programme for the horticultural sector.