Jiyoun Choe is a Legal Counsel at Open Net based in Seoul, South Korea. Open Net aims to provide a forum for discussion and collaboration to explore effective policies and solutions in the following areas: freedom of expression, freedom from surveillance, reforming innovation-blocking regulations, internet governance, net neutrality, open data policy, and reforming the intellectual property regime.
Jiyoun’s recent Internet governance related litigations include: constitutional complaint on the ‘Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act’ that gives government unfettered access to personal information in the name of infectious disease control, constitutional complaint on the ‘Act on Prevention of Divulgence and Protection of Industrial Technology’ that aims to make information obtained through the Official Information Disclosure Act unusable, and a constitutional complaint on the ‘Juvenile Protection Act’ that makes it mandatory for users to play online video games with ids that have been verified with users’ real-names. The constitutional complaints serve to protect informational self-determination and online freedom of expression.