Chair, ICANN Board of Directors


Maarten Botterman is independent strategic advisor on Internet Governance and related issues with 25+ year experience in guiding governments and major organizations on the economic/business and societal impacts of current and future internet innovations and technologies. During those 25+ years he participated and led more than 50 international projects and studies for governments and industry on Future Net issues with teams including experts with advanced academic degrees from many disciplines ranging from technology and mathematics to economics and law, and from many different countries and cultures.


Maarten was employed as Head of Unit and Senior Advisor to the Dutch Government (1987 – 1995) and as Scientific Officer to the Communications Technology Research program that was run by the European Commission (1995 – 1999). When working for RAND Corporation, he set up and ran an Information Society policy practice in Europe (1999 – 2006), and since, working as independent strategic advisor to governments and businesses in close cooperation with leading independent research institutions in Europe.


Maarten holds an advanced degree in business economics from Erasmus University Rotterdam. His areas of interest are government, civil society and technology. Maarten is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.